There is around and about us a constant beckoning world, one which insinuates itself into our lives, arousing and creating appetite where there was little or none before. In this sort of choice, we choose a thing because it happened to be beneath our noses at that moment in time. It is not necessarily what we want, but it is interesting, and the longer we gaze at it, the more compelling it becomes.  

A better sort of lover is one wrought of strong psychic muscle and tender flesh. (<3) 

Ignorance is not knowing anything and being attracted to the good. Innocence is knowing everything and still being attracted to the good. 

The word innocent is often used to mean a person of no knowing or a simpleton. But the roots of the word mean to be free of injury or hurt. In Spanish the word inocente is understood to mean a person who tries not to harm another but who is also able to heal any injury or harm to herself. 

– Women Who Run With Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes



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